Dr. Ellika McGuire MD



Using her skills, knowledge, and experience, Dr. McGuire works at the intersection of psychiatry and the law.

Dr. McGuire reviews case materials, conducts evaluations, performs IMEs, confers with attorneys and writes forensic reports. When indicated, Dr. McGuire gives depositions and provides testimony.

Dr. McGuire works on cases involving children, adolescents, and adults. She is often evaluating for emotional distress and mental health injuries related to personal injury, harassment and discrimination, and physical and emotional abuse.

Dr. McGuire has experience working on family law cases, and evaluating standard of care within the psychiatric field.

Dr. McGuire has unique expertise in evaluating and treating LGBTQIA+ youth, adults and families and can adeptly assess and opine on the unique stressors and elements of harassment experienced by this population.  

Areas of Practice

Family Law

Abuse and Neglect

Sexual Assault

Discrimination and Harassment

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury